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Upcoming Meetup: January 18th 6pm @Startit Center, Belgrade
UX in the era of AI • Writing in UX • Agile and Lean in the spirit of UX

What are UX trends for 2018?

Ognjen Lopušina, designer, writer and photographer will explain how designer's role will adapt in the era of artificial intelligence. Ognjen will also talk about writing as important skill in UX design and show meaningful examples of do's and dont's in copywriting. As a long-time employee of large product design company and more than 20 years of experience, he will talk how design fits with lean and agile development methodologies. Finally, he will talk how UX design will transform itself to more broader profession in upcoming years.

Milovan Jovičić will chat with Ognjen, moderate the session and questions thereafter.

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Last Meetup:
Personas in-depth: how to analyze and segment users, the right way

Get to know UX research technique of creating personas - imaginary but realistic description of an average user of your product.

Personas help the entire team be on the same page about the user and their habits - they are the foundation for other research techniques.

  • Why are Personas important for the product, team and the whole company?
  • How to create and define Personas in your product?
  • How to use Personas for other research techniques?
  • How to use Personas in your design and development process?
  • How to convince your team to use Personas and devote more time to user research?
  • Evolution of once defined Personas through time

Existing Personas with their usage throughout the project are showcased. Our fellow Marko Aleksić presented a talk.

Past Meetup:
Designer-Developer communication: how to improve UX of product development

"Why does implementation look completely different than what we designed?"

Stories compiled during years of design-development practice:

  • How the problem predates the modern computer era, even back to ancient times when the role of "architect" slowly detached from "builder"
  • How to bridge the mental gap in the developer mindset (hint: with good communication)
  • The important role of documentation in the product development process - main attributs should be unique and orderly
  • Clear communication and how to improve it across all roles in the product development cycle
  • What is the role of agile in the modern UX process and how to apply it to enhance communication?
  • Holy grail of product design: motivate shared understanding across all project stakeholders

Case Studies

Natalie Hughes, director of design in Embroker makes introductionary speech and her collegue Alex presents some interesting stories from their experience working with remote teams with time difference of +9 hours.

Our fellows from SpiceFactory contribute with interesting and funny stories, findings and conclusions from their rich experience in design and development - along with couple more guests from local community.

Past Meetup:
Research - the most important foundation for UX projects

Every design project should start with research, and should involve research even after project deployment.

Topics addressed in this meetup:

  • What types of research exist?
  • How we should conduct research and when?
  • What amount of observation is enough?
  • How to migrate to evidence-based and an informed culture of continuous learning?
  • What amount of research is "just right"?

Case Study

Our friends from SpiceFactory present their research in online banking project: how simple design decisions and improvements based on observations shaped up the product and increased business metrics.